Vanagon Brake Line Diagram

Parts required to do the entire van brakeline system from front to back.
1. Brake fluid (Dot 4) 2 pints
2. Steel Brake (or Nickel Copper) lines 10mm bubble flair connector with a diameter of 3/16 (4.75mm) See diagram
60 inches (X3) about 10$ each (pre-flared with connectors)
40 inches (x1) about 7$
30 inches (x2) about 7$
20 inches (x2) about 6$
12 inches (x2) at about 5$
one 10mm bubble flair female to female union.
3. Flexible lines* (2 short ones in the rear 2 longer ones in the front)
* These can be ordered through  Van Cafe  or other vanagon vendors on my list.
4. Wrenches 8,10,11,12,14mm box wrenches , 10mm brake line wrench
5. Vice Grips
6. Turkey baster (to remove brake fluid from the master cylinder
7.  Hammer (always need a hammer with a VW)
8. Small bolt cutters (to cut your rusty brake lines) , or side cutter, dykes, whatever you want to call them.
9. Flashlight (or Head lamp ) I prefer a head lamp
10. Screw Drivers Phillips and flat head screwdrivers
11. Rubber or latex gloves (brake fluid is bad for your skin and rusty brake lines mess up your knuckles!)
12. Heavy duty contractors bag or hefty bag to put under the dash to catch any brake fluid…it destroys carpet.


Illustration by Mike Pomerleau

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