Fuel Tank Reseal Kit

Volkscafe Syncro reseal kit.

Syncro Fuel Filler Tube

Found this stainless T3 Doka fuel filler tube I’m going to retrofit on Veronica.

Rear Lower Corner Repair Panels

Removing any rust panels…even the tiniest ones.

Fuel Tank Bracket

New Boot and Syncro Fuel tank bracket. I am thinking of making a kit for the kids converting from 2wd to 4wd.

This fuel tank bracket was fabricated by a local HVAC shop. Eric Zeno and I came up with the design. The Bracket is 20 gauge metal and works perfectly.

Hard To Find Oil Filler Tube

Upol etch primed and Rustoleum Professional sprayed new oil filler tube.

Throttle Body Air Flow Fix

Im not sure if this preventative fix will work or not. But i did the Lars Hersdorf 20 uF tantalum capacitor fix . Time will tell.

Fender Well Rehab

Small detail of the rear fender well. Wire Wheeled . Degreased. Etched two times, then POR15ed.

Portasol Butane Soldering Iron

This is a must have tool for any anyone redoing their wiring bits and pieces on their vanagon.
Includes a rework tip and heat shrink tip.

New Brake caliper Tool

This is an amazingly good tool from Harbor Freight. It is good for  pretty much any style brake caliper.

New stainless coolant pipes from Volkscafe

Out with the rust in with the new.