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Injectors already to go

Details details

Blasting and wirewheeling. Spring clamps….weeeee

Refurbed intake manifolds

Thank you volks cafe for rust free intake manifolds. Freshly blasted and painted.

Wasser boxer lifter demystified

New fuel injectors

I bought these injectors on Ebay. 44.00 a peice. OEM fuel injectors are around 140 a piece. I thought Id give these a try. If they suck ill replace them with OEM. They seem to be really well made.

Violet Lives

Por 15 is your friend

The engine all cleaned up and Por 15ed

Harvested 2.1

This is the motor i am putting in the Syncro. It came from a 1990 Vanagon GL. The motor only has  60k on it. It still had the original yellow factory head gasket sealant.

Thermostat housing

My nicely refurbished thermostat housing