OMG The motor is in !

Stainless steel fuel pump bracket

Coulndn’t find this bracket anywhere, thought i accidentally threw it away.
went through ten bags of garbage.
Found it in a FEBI cv joint box . UGH



Violets arrival.

This photo is from the first day Violet arrived.


New starter for Violet.

Violet will receive this new starter from Go Westy.
I hear good and bad…supposedly this is the updated better version of their gear reduction starter.



Start it up.

no not yet.
New ignition switch and steering wheel installed.


New shoes.

New BFG tires

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank in. Stainless straps. New fuel pipe from Germany.

Vanagon Teeshirt

Help fund my rebuild by buying one of my awesome tees.


New Brake Hardware

Brakes all done…
New backing plates all new hardware.


The good, the bad , and the ugly

Diagnosing and removing any rust.